What to do

What to do after an accident

We have found that most people simply don’t know what to do at the scene or after an accident, which leads to confusion and panic. The below guide will help you out if you ever have a road traffic accident.

First thing to do...

Firstly try to remain calm, check to see if anyone is hurt or in need of an ambulance, the safety of everyone involved is paramount. The next step is to gather the required information. It is imperative that you obtain as much information as possible about the accident itself and all of the parties involved, regardless of whether or not your intention is to make a claim. Because you never know the driver at fault might try and claim against you, so you will need this information to defend yourself.

Contact McLaren Auto Body. You can use our accident report form if you like.

McLaren’s aim to put you, back into your pre-accident position whilst providing you with all the guidance and support required throughout the whole process.

Collect Information

Below is a list of the information you should collect at an accident. (If possible)

  1. Contacts: - Contact details, name of the driver, number of passengers involved, names and phone number of any pedestrians/witness if available.
  2. Insurance: - Make sure you get the other persons insurance details.
  3. Vehicles: - Take a note of the other persons vehicle registration, colour of the vehicle, vehicle modifications and any damage caused as a result of the accident.
  4. Time: - Take the time and the date of the accident.
  5. Road: - Have a look at the road layout, write down the name of the road and take a sketch of the road or use Google maps later also taking into account road signs/speed bumps.
  6. Signalling: - Write down information on whether or not the other person was signalling/indicating using headlights or not.
  7. Weather: - Jot down the weather conditions, including puddles, wet leaves, ice and snow.
  8. Police: - Take down the police offices name and badge number, if one attended the accident.
  9. Photos: - Most people have phones with cameras on them, if possible try and get as many pictures of the accident including the damage! This will be the biggest help to your case.
  10. Description: - A lot of people ask for a brief description of the driver who causes the accident, it may be handy to jot down a quick description of the driver who caused the accident and any key features.
  11. Seatbelts:- was the person at fault wearing a seatbelt?
When you get home

Below is what you can put together at home.

  1. Road: - if you have an internet connection at home you can use Google maps to get a map of the accident area.
  2. Full Description: - Compile all you gathered at the scene and write down a full description of the accident.
  3. It is illegal for the third party not to give you his/her insurance detail following an accident.