• Safety, Quality, Innovation and Performance.
    Safety, Quality, Innovation and Performance.
    Safety, Quality,
    Innovation and
    Whether you’re in need of an expert service or
    require our assistance after an accident, we will
    consistently implement best practices. Also, we utilise
    advanced production processes to compliment our
    compliance with well-defined damage analysis reporting
    and estimating standards.
  • Core Brand Values.
    Core Brand Values.
    In the event of an accident, Choosing a repair facility
    that won't compromise your safety and the quality of
    your vehicle repairs can be like running the gauntlet
    in today's modern world. When you choose McLaren's
    to work for you, that's exactly what we do.
    Transparent, open and honest vehicle repair planning
    with justified and documented OEM repair specifications
    that must be followed to ensure your vehicle responds
    the way it is intended to in a secondary collision.
  • Quality Repairs. Know Your Rights!
    Quality Repairs. Know
    Your Rights!
    After an accident, it’s your legal right to have your
    vehicle repaired anywhere of your choice. McLaren's
    ensure only the highest quality accident repairs
    carried out to original equipment manufacturer

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Vehicle accidents can be very stressful, inconvenient, and costly. However, if the accident was not your fault, one call to McLaren Auto Body Edinburgh and we can provide the following complimentary accident repair service benefits:

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What Our Customers have to Say

  • Bob is a high profile individual with the qualities of honesty and integrity, I have worked with Bob in my various roles and always found him to be approachable, knowledgeable and very professional in his work ethic, Bob is very customer focused, ensuring that his customers get the best results by championing their rights within a challenging industry background.
    John Taylor BA LCGI AAE MIMI
  • Great Industry leader trying to keep his customers safe. In an industry that is overrun with corruption and greed, Bob stands out as one of the good guys. Asked daily to do sub standard repairs at the hands of insurance companies, Bob instead stands for what is right and fights on behalf of his consumers to insure both their safety and their economic well being. Often times sacrificing his own business to do what is right. Great guy and would HIGHLY recommend ANYBODY in need of his services to contact Bob, you wont be sorry!
    Jeff Turner
  • Bob is the “accident guru” in my book. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in the collision repair industry. If you need advise on the subject of collision repair, talk to Bob.
    Bob Juniper
  • Bob is a PROFESSIONAL body repair specialist, who is pedantic about the quality of product he masterfully prepares and executes. I have no hesitation in recommending his services in all aspects of body repair. His knowledge and understanding of the insurance repair procedure is second to none, with no second hand parts or unsafe practices exercised. Safety is paramount in the repair for road worthiness of vehicles to Bob.
    Graham Easton
  • Bob truly is an entrepreneur and visionary being a very unique person to be in the motor industry. His knowledge, genuine and unconditional care and support for the consumer is unparalleled! Having advised me and colleagues on methods relating to vehicle accidental repair alongside maintenance, we have been able to benefit in all manners relating to our motoring concerns.
    Jas Nottay
  • I have known Bob for coming on four years now. I can honestly say Bob is the most focused person I know, he will put 110% into everything he does. I visited his shop two years ago and I was very impressed with the very professional way his shop was run, Bob had implemented many lean flow working methods, and had created a very efficient working environment, ” team work” was very much the ethic that echoed throughout McLaren Auto body.
    Nick Veitch
  • Bob is a highly skilled individual with an incredible knowledge of his industry and the insurance sharks who plague it. He has undertaken work several times for me both on insurance jobs and personal and has always delivered on time, within (if not less than budget) and to a superior finish. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bob McLaren
    Gillian McKearney
  • extremely happy with the service I received from this company - what they say is what they do all at a good price. Very good customer service will have no hesitation in using this company again my car was in a sorry state and when I collected it was like new. Thank you very very much
    Yvonne Bruce